Vocabulary sheets

Natural Born Killers: natural born killers.doc

Fearless: fearless.doc

Rabbit-Proof Fence: rabbit-proof fence.doc

Four Weddings and a Funeral: four weddings and a funeral.doc

Finding Neverland: finding neverland.doc

Fight Club: fight club warning.doc

Mississippi Burning: mississippi burning.doc

Great Expectations: great expectations.doc

Crazy Heart: crazy heart.doc

Beavis and Butthead: beavis and butt-head do america.doc

Before Sunrise: before sunrise.doc

Before Sunset: before sunset.doc

Gattaca: gattaca.doc

Into the Wild: into the wild.doc

The Big Lebowski: the big lebowski.doc

What's Eating Gilbert Grape: what's eating gilbert grape.doc

Nirvana's Lyrics: nirvana.doc

Big Fish: big fish.doc

Dolores Claiborne: dolores.doc

U-turn: u-turn.doc

Vertigo: vertigo.doc


Sci-fi vocabulary sheets for films never shown or perhaps never to be shown as part of ccc meetings but still, for some strange reason, worth watching:


A League of Their Own: a league of their own.doc




Please send your own vocabulary sheets. There's a great chance for them to be digitally immortalised here...:)