Manifesto of Cottage's Cinema Club

Dear Students (and not only), the aim of founding Cottage’s Cinema Club is to:

  • introduce you to a number of must-see films
  • help you improve your English in a friendly environment
  • widen your general knowledge through the choice of movies presented and issues touched on in them
  • give you a chance to deliver talks or even speeches in front of the audience on topics related to the screened films in order to help you overcome stage fright during public performances, which will surely be helpful for you while taking your Matura exams or in your future jobs (you can count on me rewarding your effort;))
  • participate in after-screening debates conducted in English
  • allow you to express yourselves artistically through creating posters, which will be hung in the school hall with at least 500 souls to cast their eye over them
  • offer the chance to socialise and make friends while watching films and having the legendary, however slightly modified, 5 or 6 o’clock tea (bear in mind, popcorn is not very British)
  • exchange your opinions in the chat room created especially for the sake of the club

Dos and don'ts and nevers

  • Come and participate
  • Take the opportunity to improve your English
  • Films will be shown in their original versions with English subtitles
  • Print and STUDY!!! the vocabulary sheets prepared by me beforehand in order to accustom yourselves to the vocabulary stock used in the film; they will be helpful for a better understanding of the plot (they will be available both at Pani Gienia’s photocopying centre and online at
  • Don’t be afraid of delivering talks on particular topics
  • Never be afraid of coming and telling me about your ideas, improvements that could be implemented, my fuck-ups etc.
  • Help if you can
  • Try to make the most of our meetings
  • Help me with posters as I am hopeless at drawing and painting
  • Bring cakes if you can bake – they will be eaten up
  • For more information check, the school notice boards or ask me in person
  • DO TRY AND SPEAK ENGLISH (or, at least, Ponglish;)