22 December 2012

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#1, by Hania, on 22 December 2012, 11:14 pm

Wow. Really amazing.
My favs from the link I sent you: 'December' http://shortsbay.com/film/december (perfect for this time of year!),
'Reach' http://shortsbay.com/film/reach,
'Oktapodi' http://shortsbay.com/film/oktapodi,
'Signs' http://shortsbay.com/film/signs,
'Beirut, I Love You (I Love You Not)' http://shortsbay.com/film/beirut-i-love-you-i-love-you-not,
'Validation' http://shortsbay.com/film/validation (I think you've seen it),
and '10 minutes' http://shortsbay.com/film/10-minutes (makes me think about 'No Man's Land').


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