Genre: comedy-drama

Director: Neil Jordan

Writer: Neil Jordan, based on 'Breakfast on Pluto' by Pat McCabe

Cast: Cillian Murphy, Ruth Negga, Liam Neeson, Stephen Rea and Brendan Gleeson

Music by: Anna Jordan

Duration: 129 minutes

Wikipedia: wiki about the movie

Hooker: Oi. You doing business, do it somewhere else, love. This pavement's got my name on it.
Patrick (Patricia) 'Kitten' Braden: And what, pray, is your name? Concrete?
Hooker: My name is scratch your eyes out, and bite your bleed'n nose off. Which is what I'll do if you don't get off my patch.
Mr. Silky String: She giving you trouble, son?
Patrick (Patricia) 'Kitten' Braden: Oh, no trouble at all. We were just exchanging names...


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